The Settle Online platform was developed as a first-in-kind Digital Resolution Gateway

What We Do

The digital age has introduced a new universe of disputes that are very easy to resolve but can be costly to do so through conventional legal process. The Settle Online platform significantly reduces the time and expense in achieving resolution in many of today’s legal situations.

Security With Confidence

We leave the experts to handle personal and financial data. Each transaction is managed, secured and processed by the payment processor. As the industry leader in online banking, the processing company has set the standard in which encryption and data security is measured throughout the banking industry.

Best-in-Class Partnerships

We have selected the best-in-class partnerships to guarantee the very best-in-class resolution service. Our platform represents an apex of the legal, financial, and digital industries and has been created to provide a consumer first experience. Settle Online creates assurance for every user, every time.

How To Resolve

1. Closely review the Infringement Notice you received from your internet services provider (ISP). Click on the Settlement link found in the top of the Notice, or copy and paste the link into your internet browser. You can also simply type the link into the browser’s address bar to reach the Resolution webpage.

2. Review this page as it includes the data evidence in support of the Claim of Infringement. Locate and select the Resolve Now button which will transport you into the payment processor secure financial gateway.

3. Next, process the payment by entering your credit card information.

4. Once your payment transaction is validated, you will receive a confirmation receipt from the payment processor to your email address. The executed Release From Liability will be made available to you at the validation screen as a document download.



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Commercial Inquiries

If you would like to become a subscribing partner, please feel free to contact us today to discuss your business needs. From intellectual property violations and domain name escrow service, to unpaid or delinquent receivables, Settle Online brings ease, speed and transparency to your business world.