Piracy is not cool!

We represent several owners of copyrights throughout the entertainment industry. The aim of the assignment is to educate the public about piracy.

You are probably visiting this website because you received notice from your ISP stating that there was a copyright infringement
detected via your internet connection.

Online piracy is a huge problem for the content industry and all the people that work for it. This means authors, directors, composers, musicians, developers, artists in general, cameramen, set designers, sound designers, costume designers, graphic artists, photographers, and many more creative people.

All these people make their living directly or indirectly by monetizing their creativity. The content industry monetizes the things you like to enjoy for entertainment: movies, computer games, music and adult entertainment.

To ensure a high-quality standard and employment in the industry, the intellectual property created has to be paid for. If everyone chooses to illegally download and distribute all that nice and beautiful and fun stuff for free, none of these people will get paid. They will not be able to make a living from their arts anymore. That is sad. That is not cool.

That’s why piracy is not cool..!